Car towing


We not only operate the largest but also the most modern fleet North of Auckland. We are constantly reinvesting in new equipment that not only improves our presentation but also allows us to operate more efficiently. As a result of these efficiencies we are able to pass the savings we make on to you, our customers.

Our equipment capabilities are as follows:

One Tow Truck - hook vehicles from breakdowns / Accidents.

Two small – medium size transporters for cars / utes / tractors / machinery up to 3.5ton. Both trucks can tow a trailer so able to carry two vehicles.

One medium – heavy transporter designed for Tractors / Machinery up to 5.5 – 6Ton. Also has hiab for lifting vehicles.

One medium slide deck truck for machinery, tractors and long or low vehicles. This truck is also fitted with a winch, carrying upto 8ton.

One heavy semi transporter. This vehicle carries three vehicles at a time. It can carry all vehicles up to and including Trucks / Buses. The only limitation is height. Is fitted with a winch.

All our transporters are also fitted with G.P.S. This allows us to monitor where our trucks are at any given time and minimise delays.

Car Transporting Whanagrei

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